Dial Position System - version 1.0 - [dev]

This was the first attempt to locate the OCA Dial position in 3D.

First version of the Dial Position System, using Neural Networks to map fingerprints of BLE RSSI.


RSSI stands for Received Signal Strength Information. This video shows how the system reads the signal of each antenna.

System Design



Mounted (in a fixed arbitrary distance) inside the transformable environment

Antennas (Scanners)

Each node contains a ESP32 chipset, this micro controller has BLE (bluetooth low energy) and WiFi. Both types of signal can be used to track devices inside the space


Neural Network + Training

The signal from each node, calibrated to each panel inside the transformable environment,  is used to train a Naive Bayes (Neural Network) Classifier. After trained the system can predict in which panel the dial is, just by reading it's BLE signal.